15 March, 2013

Show at SRD Gallery in Dennis, MA

I currently have two works in a wonderful show at the SRD Gallery in South Dennis, MA. The exhibition, entitled "The Epitome of an Image" features a mix of photography and photorealism painting. It runs March 1-22, 2013.

02 May, 2012

Month of May: New Show in Hingham, MA

Please join us for this festive evening...or stop by the South Street Gallery anytime during the month of May.

17 May, 2011

Why do I love trompe l'oeil painting?

In October of 2010, in my Joie de Vivre blog, I published a post on the history of trompe l'oeil paintingwhich garnered a lot of interest. It is a subject dear to my heart, as I devote most of my painting time to the exacting art of trompe l'oeil

I have been asked what I find so fascinating about this style, and the answer is simple: challenge, challenge, and more challenge. I labor to make my paintings look so realistic that viewers want to touch them to make sure they are actually paintings. Achieving this requires hours and hours of patience: looking, painting with tiny brushes, looking again, removing paint, correcting, adding layer after layer of paints and glazes, shadows, highlights, etc. Many people would find this process tedious in the extreme (well, okay, it is)... but I am exhilarated by it! Most days, I can't wait to get a brush in my hand and repeat the same process I have done for days on end before, in order to come up with a flat surface that looks 3-D. For me, it is all about the challenging process. I get a thrill when a tiny detail of a painting suddenly jumps out as "perfect". Seeking that thrill is what makes me head back to the easel day after day.

Some of the words I have just used might seem tough to love: labor, challenge, patience, tedious, removing paint, correcting... Call me nuts, but somehow that's what I do love about it! Are there moments of pure frustration? Absolutely. But those moments only make the glee of success all the more precious.

Custom orders

I accept commissions for custom trompe l'oeil paintings of personal memorabilia, such as tickets, photos, letters, newspaper announcements, menus, invitations, prize ribbons, medals, jewels, keys, etc.

The following is a privately commissioned work I did to commemorate a client's vacation:

I have received several inquiries about my painting, Vintage Memories #1. This was one I did for our family, incorporating wine labels we had saved over the years - mostly with special memories attached. I have also been asked to do special orders of friends' own labels and corks, as well as cheese labels, and other personal mementos.

My custom versions of this wine painting incorporate specific labels and corks of the client's choosing. I paint each label exactly as it is sent to me, including wine spills, rips, handwriting, etc.

This is the perfect gift for wine aficionados who already have all the oenophile's accoutrements. In a way, it's a very personal portrait of a wine lovers best memories!

Here are some of the specific details:
  • Hand painted in artists oils on board, signed
  • Size: 24" x 16", unframed
  • Price: $1800 (unframed)
  • Price with gold leaf style frame: $1800 + 175 = $1975 (framed)
  • Lead time: 6-8 weeks from the time I receive complete package of materials from customer
  • Shipping: FedEx standard fee
  • Cash, check and all credit cards accepted
Here's what I need from the customer to get started:
  • Either actual labels and corks (preferable) or good photocopies & photos
  • Signed contract and 50% downpayment
Balance, plus shipping, and sales tax within Massachusetts, will be due upon completion.

Here are some close-up shots of my own painting, showing my attention to even the tiniest details:

 Although a bit hard to capture on film, I use metallic gold, silver and copper paints, which add luster.
Wine stains and age marks add character to the labels.